More benefits! — November 29, 2016

More benefits!

Carrots improve your immunity power,helps in digestion,improves eyesight,prevents cancer,reduce blood pressure ,prevents heart diseases,Induces excess saliva.

Eat and get more benefits!
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Eat this.. — November 28, 2016

Eat this..

Eat cucumber and your body gets relief from heartburn . Apply cucumber on your skin,and you get relief from sunburn  and itchy skin. It also helps in reducing diabetics.

Its very good for health!
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Eat fish! — November 27, 2016

Eat fish!

Fresh fish is very healthy.

This is particularly true of fatty fish, like salmon ,which is loaded with omega-3 fatty acids  and various other nutrients.

Be healthy!

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Drink more water! — November 26, 2016
No Dandruff ! — November 25, 2016

No Dandruff !

​Keep away from allergic foods like baked foods, yeast and preservative added foods,cheese,vinegar and  alcohol beverages.

Wash hair 2-3 times a week with mild shampoo or herbal powder.

Massage scalp regularly with suitable oil with finger tips at least twice a day..

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Small diligence! — November 24, 2016
Dangerous smoke! — November 23, 2016

Dangerous smoke!

Lung cancer is the leading cause of cancer death and the second most common cancer among both men and women.
The most important thing you can do to lower your cancer risk is to quit  smoking and secondhand smoke.

Try to controll it..

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Baby’s safety — November 22, 2016

Baby’s safety

Vitamin K is a substance that our body needs to form clots and to stop bleeding.

Babies are born with very small amounts of vitamin K stored in their bodies ,which can lead to serious bleeding problems if not  supplemented.

Eat green leafy vegetables(kale), natto(fermented soy),spring onions(scallions) to get vitamin K.

Be healthy!

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Eat with safe! — November 21, 2016
Pets and awareness —

Pets and awareness

Pets sometimes carry germs that can make people sick. The diseases people  get from animals are known as  zoonotic diseases.
Here are some tips that can help you and your pets stay healthy:

Take your pet to its veterinarian regularly so it stays in good health.

Practice good hygiene around your pets so they don’t unintentionally pass germs to yo.

Be healthy!

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