Coming soon! — October 4, 2017
Better bananas! — January 1, 2017

Better bananas!

Bananas contains
 vitamin B6,manganese,vitamin C,potassium, fiber,copper,biotin.

It lowering blood pressure

Reducing risk of cancer

Lowering heart diseases

Reduction in formation of kidney stones

Lowers blood glucose level

Treating diarrhea

Preserving memory and boosting mood.

Eat a banana daily!

Cute Coconut! — December 19, 2016

Cute Coconut!


Lower cholesterol
Improve digestion

Regulate glucose level

Fight against viruses

Fight infections

Lose weight

Kill bacteria

Increase metabolism

Increase thyroid production
Eat it!

Tasty Oranges! — December 18, 2016

Tasty Oranges!

Oranges  protect against  cancer

Prevent kidney diseases

Lower cholesterol

Rich in potassium, boosts heart health

Rich in vitamin C lower risk of diseases

Protects skin

Regulate high blood pressure.

Oranges were first grown in southeast Asia ,northeastern India and southern China and were first cultivated in China

Eat  well!

Mild Mango ! — December 11, 2016
Good green! — December 7, 2016

Good green!

Eating coriander 

cures small pox

heals ulcer

 freshens breath

 keeps bones healthy

prevents nausea 


stomach disorders

regulates  proper menstrual cycles .

           Have a healthy life!

Extraordinary fruit! — December 3, 2016
Grapes in life! — December 2, 2016

Grapes in life!

Grapes prevents many types of  cancer, reduce risk of heart diseases,controls high blood pressure,minimizing constipation,reduces diabetics ,curing acne.
Enjoy on eating grapes..

Ginger in finger! — December 1, 2016
White Gold! — November 30, 2016

White Gold!

Eggs provide strong muscles ,healthy brain ,healthy immune system, good eyesight,strong bones and teeth,lower risk of heart diseases,healthy baby devlopement during pregnancy. .
Eat well..